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Pandemics & International Relations – Emel Akçalı

Okuma Süresi: 2 dk.

By the end of this lecture you will have…

An understanding of what pandemics are, their history, and what challenges they bring
– In particular, to global politics

An appreciation of the range of actors in play
– States, International Organisations, European Union, NGOs ‘big pharma’, individuals

A scrutiny of recent case studies; Ebola, SARS, Covid-19
– How have we dealt with Pandemics thus far and what do these cases tell us about global governance and the course of international relations?

An evaluation of the current global politics and the possible future under lockdown. “


Emel Akçalı is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Swansea University in the United Kingdom. Prior to coming to Swansea, she was a resident fellow at the IMERA – Institute of Advanced Study of Aix Marseille University in France and an assistant professor at the International Relations Department of Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Her research interests span the state, society, conflict and politics in the Middle East and North Africa, social movements, neoliberal governmentality outside of the Western realm, critical realist philosophy and non-Western and alternative geopolitical discourses. 

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