“Panorama Debates: Sustainability – Introduction to ESG”

İbrahim Ünalmış – Ebru Canan-Sokullu

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İbrahim Ünalmış
Bahçeşehir University
Ebru Canan-Sokullu
Bahçeşehir University

In the first webinar of the “Panorama Debates: Sustainability” series organized by Global Academy, Bahçeşehir University and CIFAL Istanbul, UNITAR on 31 January 2023, was moderated by Prof. Ebru Canan-Sokullu, joined by Assoc. Prof. İbrahim Ünalmış.

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Assoc. Prof. İbrahim Ünalmış, Bahçeşehir University

İbrahim Ünalmış received his undergraduate degree from METU Department of Economics. His MA is in Money, Banking and Finance from the University of Birmingham and his PhD in Economics from York University. Between 2000 and 2018, he worked as a manager, economist and expert at the General Directorates of Markets and Foreign Relations at the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. He gave lectures in the fields of macroeconomics and finance in England and Ireland during his doctorate. His main areas of interest are the relationship between macroeconomics and financial markets, the interaction between monetary policy and financial markets, and energy markets. Recently, he has focused his studies on the relationship between strategic planning, investment ecosystem and company performances. On the other hand, he gives undergraduate level courses on the applications of blockchain technology in financial markets. His articles have been published in journals such as IMF Economic Review, Energy Economics, Economic Modeling, Finance Research Letters, World Journal of Applied Economics, Annals of Social Sciences and Management Studies, Central Bank Review.

Prof.Dr.Ebru Canan-Sokullu, Bahçeşehir University

Prof. Dr. Ebru Canan-Sokullu is a faculty member of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Bahçeşehir University and the director of CIFAL Istanbul, the United Nations Education and Research Institute (UNITAR) International Training Center for Managers and Leaders. She is also the editor of the International Relations Council Panorama Portal. Her academic interests are quantitative political science, international security studies, foreign policy and public opinion studies.

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