Politics and Business: Yes, but What about Health and Well-being? 10 Recommendations from a Life Guru – Mehmet Öğütçü

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The Gaza War, tensions at the Red Sea, the endless duel between Iran, the US and Israel, the technological competition between China and the US, the global economic slowdown, wars over energy and climate security, the upcoming local elections, constitutional violations, the F16 sale, etc. All of these cause concern and raise our stress levels.  

Likewise, the fear of being fired from the job, not being able to pay debts, galloping business costs, severe competition in the labour market, unmanageable political risks, rising education expenses, irregular immigrants, growth in terrorism, and growing future concerns exceed the limits of our tolerance and resilience as human beings. They put pressure on us even more and harm our physical and mental health. It is not difficult to observe people walking around like dynamite, ready to explode anytime. 

Although it is much needed in such an environment, we often fail to devote our time to well-being in today’s world. Moreover, despite all the remarkable progress in healthcare technologies, because of food, water, air, and environmental pollution, chemicals penetrating our meals, clothes, and homes are slowly killing us without most of us realising. Cancer cases are on the rise, and new epidemics such as “Zombie”, like COVID-19, are being talked about. It is reportedly said that Ebola, SARS, Nipah, and Machupo viruses are on the way to generate new waves of panic among us. 


While looking in the sky for a wise and seasoned person to talk to about these issues I have been thinking about lately, I found him on earth in Phuket: Ersin Pamuksüzer. After making a career for himself as an accomplished businessman, he experienced his awakening first at the age of 41, when he felt the urge to re-examine his being and priorities in life and decided to transform himself fundamentally. Since then, he has been in search of the ultimate nirvana. He was the former CEO of Ericsson Türkiye. He reached a stage in life where to fulfil his life goals, he touches the lives of approximately 40 thousand people every year through the LifeCo centres he established worldwide. Not content with what he has already achieved remarkably over the past four decades, he now strives to expand LifeCo’s outreach by devoting further resources to new techniques and training doctors, dietitians, therapists, life coaches, breathing therapists, physiologists, voice therapists and Asian medical specialists all over the world. I gather his next step will be to create a Wellness University, probably the first and only in the world, as a legacy to future generations. 


As someone who has devoted a significant part of his life to the world of energy, learning that “the digestive system absorbs 60 per cent of the body’s energy” was an awakening. According to Pamuksüzer, this means: “By eating less, fasting for a while if possible, and always staying away from heavy foods that are difficult to digest, we can slow down the functioning of the digestive system and transfer the released energy to our other organs, especially the brain.” Just like in energy efficiency, it is essential to save body energy from unnecessary places and send it to the organs where it is needed most, and to do this consciously and systematically. 


During our conversation, I immediately asked the questions on my and everyone’s minds and what his recommendations would be for most of us still unaware of how body and mind operate. Here is what he shared with me so that I can pass it on to you: 

1. First, you must prioritise the most critical issues among dozens that require your attention in life. Work-life, family, hobbies, health? Of course, it is not possible to be a good mother or father, maintain a great career, travel constantly, buy the best car and house, and send your child to a quality school, all at the same time. There are many options in front of you, but you cannot reach them all at once. You must choose. If you ask me, the most important of these is health. Because if it doesn’t exist, none of the others exist either. Therefore, take out your health map. If you have any health problems, do whatever is necessary to treat them at the earliest stage – as much as you can – and there will be no delay. 

2. While doing this, please remember that absolute compliance is required; sketchy, disorganised, unsystematic approaches will not get you anywhere, and you cannot bargain on your health. So, if you have cancer, you do not have the luxury of postponing the measures to be taken. You will completely stop smoking and alcohol consumption. There is no such thing as gradual reduction. If you have diabetes, stay away from chemical-laden commercial foods that pollute your body. Physical mobility is a must. Don’t let genetically modified foods come through your door. Today, we are fed 95 per cent fake and 5 per cent genuine food products. The tomato you eat in January cannot be natural. Please bear the cost and save money elsewhere, but be sure to buy organic food that comes from nature and has nutritional value; do not compromise on this. 

3. If we give 100 points to living well, unfortunately, most people live at 20 and below. Your good life passes away without even realising it. If you are out of breath after climbing two flights of stairs, if you cannot have a pleasant time even for an hour a day, if you constantly complain about being overweight, decide which percentage you are in. The body has a natural evacuation system that ensures perfect life and eliminates errors. Seventy per cent are healthy, and 30 per cent are used to a toxic life. But this ratio often reverses. Then, the body gets blocked and gives up. Try to stay within 70 per cent. 

4. In the past, we usually walked to homes and workplaces, and the number of new people we met on the roads could not exceed the fingers of one hand. Today, the negative energy of thousands of people is testing us. In relationships, alienation, taking sides, and falling in love with one’s truth occur. Thanks to the widespread use of the internet and smartphones, all kinds of external stimuli, including social media, glue us to screens. Our immunity is decreasing, and our mental health is eroding. We are under intense electronic bombardment. Our sitting, standing, and sleeping postures have also changed. Carrying the burden of modern life in chronic stress becomes difficult for everyone, creating a complete Voltaren effect. If you can, return to nature, research, and practice ways to interact directly with it at low frequency. 

5. Special measurements for healthcare are needed not only for individuals but also for state leaders, bureaucrats, company executives and employees. If these people are not fit and healthy, and the working conditions cause them to get sick, they cannot function properly. Since executives who manage crises under so many different pressures do not take adequate care of themselves and concentrate all their energy only on work, they can lose their most productive years to common diseases such as heart attack or cancer at an early age. Saving money and adding to your wealth is only helpful if you have learned to cope with diseases promptly and improve your consciousness. 

6. Of course, we must pay attention to modern medicine, but let’s remember the healing practices of traditional medicine to support it. Not only traditional Chinese medicine but also treatment methods such as ayurvedic and naturopathic medicine are on the rise. “Wellness” is becoming one of the most important treatments and improvements that increase the quality of life. LifeCo’s solutions in this field have been expanding worldwide through new centres for the last 22 years while also turning to new services such as corporate health, mental health, health holidays and digital recovery. You must closely monitor the health transformations in the world. 

7. When it comes to basic advice for a healthy life, I can only share what I am following myself: 

  • Eat between 12:00-18:00 and practice intermittent fasting for the remaining 18 hours of the day. 
  • Stay away from commercial foods whose lifespan is extended with chemicals and flavour added.  
  • Do physical exercise, meditation, and breathing exercises. Do not see these as marginal habits. Place them at the centre of your life and develop a positive, glass-half-full approach. 
  • If you can, consider deploying technology-based health solutions such as EBO2, NAD and stem cells. 

8. The body has a natural discharge system that eliminates errors and maintains a perfect life. Seventy per cent are healthy, and 30 per cent are used to a toxic life. But this ratio often reverses. Then, the body gets blocked and gives up. After a 5-year study, National Geographic magazine identified and published the ‘Blue Zone’ regions where long and healthy living communities are over 100 years old. Their common characteristics are as follows: natural activity, a vegetable-based diet, purposeful living, family and good friends, and an emphasis on relaxation. 

9. You should take a photo of the current state of your life, create a thought map, and then write down what you want to do and what you dream about on a blank piece of paper. The secret here is to establish a balance between the two, to continue living by keeping track of what you will replace. In our lives, focused on winning, we should also know how to lose relationships, money, time, and friends and be prepared for them. If we cannot establish a win-win relationship in life if one side always wins and the other loses, this is unhealthy. 

10. Delay your other expenses and invest in your health. The return on every penny you spend on your health and well-being is very high. However, it may not be worth your money to heal you when you get sick. 


I think the famous saying of Suleiman the Magnificent is very meaningful today: “The state is like a breath of health in the world.” The sooner we bring the health of ourselves, our family, and our friends to the forefront of the list of personal priorities without getting stuck in political, economic, and cultural conflicts that will never end, the sooner we search for new medical solutions and approaches. If we accept the concept of “surrender”, we can live a more enjoyable, peaceful, and healthy life on our planet. Otherwise, we and our loved ones will be in a not-so-good situation for years to come. Also, do not forget that only sound minds and healthy bodies can help solve our deep-seated family, country, and world problems. 

Mehmet Öğütçü

Chairman, Global Resources Partners, UK, and The London Energy Club. Former diplomat, prime minister adviser, IEA and OECD senior executive, director and independent board member at British Gas, Genel Energy, Invensys, Şişecam, Yaşar Holding companies. Chairman of the Middle East Institute, Washington DC, Advisory Board. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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