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Thesis Talks: Ontological and Identity Change During The Syrian Civil War (2011-2019) – Samer Sharani

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In the first episode of the new podcasts series with Paradigma, Samer Sharani talked about his MA thesis titled “Ontological and identity change during the Syrian civil war (2011-2019).”

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Samer Sharani, Sabancı University

Samer Sharani is a PhD student at Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey. He studies political science and focuses on Ontological Security Studies, Home Return, and Place/scalecraft studies.

Erman Ermihan, Kadir Has University

Erman Ermihan is a PhD student at Kadir Has University, Department of International Relations. After completing his undergraduate education at the same department at Istanbul Bilgi University, he received his master’s degree in Political Science from Sabancı University. His research interests include Turkey-European Union relations, Turkish Foreign Policy and identity and emotions in foreign policy.

Senem Görür, Kadir Has University

Senem Görür was born in Istanbul in 1996. Görür received her undergraduate degree from Istanbul Okan University, Department of International Relations (English) in 2019. After her undergraduate education, Görür continues her studies at Kadir Has University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration. In addition to her academic studies, Görür is currently working as a reporter at Medyascope TV. Görür, who is mainly interested in foreign news on Medyascope TV, prepares and presents a weekly program called Kordiplomatik. Görur’s areas of interest include Turkish political life and political communication.

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