EU Conditionality: A Sustainable Framework for Good Neighborly Relations Between Turkey and Greece?

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For the past three years, tension and animosity have returned to being routine in everyday relations between Turkey and Greece. The agenda has been packed with more issues of disagreement and has rendered what traditionally has been the core of Turkish-Greek contention, e.g., the delimitation of the Aegean continental shelf, to an almost nostalgic past.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kostas Ifantis ( Konstantinos Yfantis), is a member of Department of International, European and Area Studies at Panteion University of Athens. His academic interests and published research include international security and strategic studies, US foreign policy, Transatlantic relations and Greek and Turkish foreign and security policy.

Prof. Dr. Serhat Guvenc is a member of Department of International Relations at Kadir Has University. Previously he held faculty positions at Istanbul Bilgi University (2000-2010) and lectured as visiting Assistant Professor of History at the University of Chicago (2006), and as adjunct professor of international relations at Koç University (2008 and 2009) and Bosphorus University (2014). Dr. Güvenç’s research interests include maritime security and modern Turkish military and naval history. Among others, he has authored “The Ottomans’ Quest for Dreadnoughts” (2009, in Turkish), “Turkey in the Mediterranean during the Interwar Era” (2010 with Dilek Barlas) and “60 Years in NATO: Turkey’s Contributions to Transatlantic Security (2013, in Turkish). His most recent publication, co-authored with Mesut Uyar, on “A Tale of Two Military Missions: The Germans and the Americans in Turkey” appeared in War and Society. Professor Güvenç is a board member of the Foundation of Lausanne Treaty Emigrants.

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